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Sadek Wellness:
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Rebecca Sadek and Jed Blumenfeld

"Simple Solutions For Everyday Health"


Sadek Wellness was founded in 2009 by Rebecca  after years of struggling with her weight, feeling out of shape, and generally feeling exhausted. Her journey began when she enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a holistic nutrition school, and became a certified holistic nutrition counselor. She not only felt 100 times better, but  was also on her way to starting her own business and having a career that she truly believed in and loved. The powerful effects she felt in her life through making small changes were undeniable. She founded the company, Sadek Wellness, on the principles of "Simple solutions for everyday health.". Shaklee was an easy fit into her life and business; high quality supplemenation is a huge part of a healthy diet and healthy living isn't just about the food we put into our bodies, but it is also about the products we use on our skin and to clean our homes.  Shaklee has provided Rebecca with the resources to better help herself, her friends, family, and clients. It has also given her the tools to make her life and nutrition counseling practice truly holistic.   

Rebecca's husband, Jed,served as an amazing support system, cheerleader, and bookkeeper while Rebecca built her business, but it wasn't until she found Shaklee that he really started to play a more active role in Sadek Wellness. The Shaklee products have helped him to control his life long struggle with sinus problems and allergies. He now juggles his full time career in financial services and works with Rebecca building their Shaklee business by sharing the experience, power and potential of these amazing products and the incredible business opportunity. Rebecca and Jed view their Shaklee business as their future.


Rebecca Sadek and Jed Blumenfeld